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Some amazing, sad, happy and unusual stories like we all have in our past

Finding Your Roots Full Episodes

How many grandparents do you have?

Dakota Conflicts of 1862 manuscripts collection________________________

1900 to 1940 Dodge Center,  Dodge, Minnesota Census Records___________

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Genealogy is the primary activity for this site. I can assist you with your search, can provide records with a small fee, and have some interesting photos, records, videos and other items that I am posting as often as I get the time. You can make requests by email, although at this time may not get an immediate response. On each page there may be other panels when scrolling down. May have additional information or other items of interest.

My family tree has many notable / famous people in it with documentation for verification. This web site also includes videos of some famous people and their family histories. My family trees are below and you can click on any of the buttons to the left for those pages. ( (

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